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What is a Tax rebate

A tax rebate entitles you to a refund of any overpaid tax during the that particular financial year.

Who can make a tax rebate claim?

Regardless of nationality if you’ve worked in the UK and have overpaid your taxes, you may be eligible to claim a tax rebate. This possible if you meet the following criteria.

1. Anyone who has not worked for the full financial year (6th April to 5th April of  the  following year).

2. Those who were on emergency tax codes.

3. All those who worked in the construction industry and paid taxes under the CIS scheme.

4. A married person who was issued with a single person’s tax code.

When can i claim my tax rebate?

Your tax rebate can be claimed, either at the end of the tax year, (April 5th), or when you finish work, and don’t intend working again during that financial year. Or if you leave the country and don’t intend returning to work in the UK, until after the end of the financial year.

If i make a claim during the tax year, do i have to wait until the end of that year to receive my rebate?

No. You can claim at any time during that year, rebates are normally paid 4 to 6 weeks after claiming.

How far back can i make a claim?

You can claim can date back as far as 6 years.

How much tax will i be refunded?

If you’ve earned less than £4385 in the (check your financial year), then you will receive a full tax rebate. If you’ve earned over your tax free allowance, go to the Tax Calculator to establish if you are due a tax rebate.



What information is required to make a claim?

In order to make a valid rebate claim. You will need to complete the confidential questionnaire. Sign the forms where required, and post them back to the tax office here:

Pay As You Earn
HM Revenue and Customs
United Kingdom

Don’t forget to enclose a copy of your P45 for each employment you’ve had during the tax year you worked, together with a P60 from the company where you were employed. Please provide this information before the end of that tax year. The information above can be obtained from your employer. If for any reason you are unable to locate your P45’s or P60’s. You’ll have to request a Statement of Earnings from your employer.

You can print all the relevant form out online, in order to start your claim here:

How long does it take to get refunded?

Claims normally take between 4 – 6 weeks to process. However it may take longer depending on HMRC’s workload.

Do i need a national insurance number to make a claim?

No, the lack of a National Insurance number will not adversely affect your entitlement to a tax rebate. If you do not have an NI number, you can request a temporary one, in order to process your claim.


For further information on obtaining a tax rebate, please contact the here:

Contact number: 0300 200 3300

Self Assessment contact number: 0300 200 3310

Contacting the Tax Office, outside of the UK: +44 135 535 9022

Pay As You Earn
HM Revenue and Customs
United Kingdom

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