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Contacting Job Centre Plus

There are many ways for customers to contact Job Centre Plus.

By telephone

You can contact Job Centre Plus, Monday to Friday, from 8am to 6pm, using the numbers below.

The National Job Centre Enquiry Line: 

The main number to contact the National Job Centre on is: 0843 850 2482
This is also the number for all local Job Centre Plus offices

For New Benefit Claims

If you wish to make a new benefits claim,  dial: 0843 850 2482

For Existing Benefit Claims

To ask about an existing benefits claim or to give information regarding a change in circumstances, then you will need to call the numbers below.

Income Support, Jobseeker’s Allowance, Incapacity Benefit or Employment and Support Allowance call: 0843 850 2482

Maternity Allowance call: 0843 850 2482

Bereavement Benefits call: 0843 850 2482

Social Fund: 0843 850 2482

Universal Credit call: 0843 850 2482

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Finding employment

If you are looking to contact Job Centre Plus in order to seek employment, call: 0843 850 2482

How to get a job at a job centre

The video below shows what it’s like working for Job Centre Plus. It gives customers an idea of what their staff are like.

Issues with Calling Job Centre Plus

The Department for Work and Pensions have provided numbers which can cost up to 45p a minute to call. With this in mind. we would advise that if the numbers are busy and you are put into a queue, it would be cheaper to call back later.

Preparing to call Job Centre Plus

As calls can be expensive, make sure you have all the relevant detail they may ask for. This includes your telephone number, address, postcode, National Insurance Number, Tax Codes, benefits numbers, etc. You will find most of these on the written correspondence Job Centre Plus will have sent to you.

If you have these when you call, it is likely to make the call shorter and less expensive.

jcp 3Getting through to the right person

When calling large organisations, like Job Centre Plus, you could be asked to use your telephone keypad to pick from a range options. Pay attention to any recorded messages to make sure you understand the options available. If the given options provided are not appropriate, choose the most suitable option or press no key at all. Failing to choose an option an connect you to the main operator who can help find the best person to talk to.

Dealing with Job Centre Plus Customer Service on the phone

When talking to Job Centre Plus, explain the reason for your call as clearly as possible. This will enable the member of staff dealing with your inquiry can help you better. When making a complaint, remain calm and remember that the person at the other end is only doing their job.

If you anhappy with the response from the Job Centre Plus or with their service, take the person’s name and position and ask to speak to their manager.  If this doesn’t work, take the manager’s name as well. You should then write to raise the issue with a more senior manager.

Making a complaint

You should write to your local Job Centre Plus office, the details of which will be on any letters sent to you. For more information about making a complaint visit here:

When making a complaint to Job Centre Plus, remember to give your National Insurance number and full name and address and contact details. You will also need to explain what happened and when, how it affected you and how you would like the matter resolved.

About Job Centre Plus


Job Centre Plus is a central hub set up by the government where those seeking employment receive support to find work. Jobcentres can be found in many different towns and cities throughout the UK. Services are offered to local individuals seeking work across a whole range of sectors. The idea of the Job Centre was first introduced in 2002 when the Employment Service and Benefits Agency merged together.

Extended services

The Job Centre Plus is not just for those who are unemployed. It also offers job search facilities for the employed who are looking to move jobs or find another role. The jobcentre now offers a range of facilities including touch screen pods where you can access up to date jobs listings. Any jobs of interest can be printed out and the details kept so you can apply at a later date. There are also telephones that members of the public can use to call Jobseekers Direct. Here you can obtain further information and application details about a specific job advertisement.

There is a strong emphasis on getting people back into work or onto the career ladder. If you are looking for a new role or your first job, there are many ways in which you can receive assistance from Jobcentre Plus. Advisors can provide information on topics including benefits applications, applying for jobs, approaching interviews and much more.

Employment Help

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One of the main services that jobcentres provide is to help the unemployed find suitable employment. When you first contact the Jobcentre to look for work, you will be asked to go to an appointment, usually called a New Jobseeker Interview. It is important that you attend this meeting. If you do not, you will not be able to claim any financial assistance while you are looking for work.

At the interview, you will be asked about your search for work. You will also be given information about any benefits you can get while searhing. The advisor will discuss your qualifications, skills and areas of expertise to determine the types of jobs that you are hoping to secure. If you are unsure about filling in a claim form, the advisors will help you with this. Furthermore, Jobcentre Plus advisors will help you work out a strategy to find work as quickly as possible. They’ll also offer you some tips as to where you can find suitable vacancies and how you can get back to work. You can find out more by watching the video below.

Are you eligible for benefits?

To claim Jobseekers Allowance, you need to prove that you are actively seeking work. You will be asked to fill out a diary of what you have done each day to look for work. This may include visiting a website, searching Universal Jobsmatch or sending out CVs.

Your questions answered

The video looks at some of the questions job seekers ask about finding a job.


If you need extra training to change job or career, the advisor will point you in the right direction. Help with your CV,  assistance with interviews and other information can be also be obtained at the Job Centre. They can even give information on courses for reading and writing skills or help those who struggle with English.

The Jobcentre Plus is a useful resource if you are hoping to find work, whether you are unemployed and wanting to claim jobseekers allowance or you are employed but looking for a change. The .gov website provides information on your local job centres and Universal Job Match is the online portal where you can search and apply for jobs.

Useful Links

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