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BT Contact Number | 0843 850 2150

BT Contact Telephone Number

Before you dial the BT contact number – 0843 850 2150, read our essential guide to help you prepare.

BT is a British multinational telecommunications company based in the United Kingdom. It has operations in over 180 countries worldwide and is the biggest provider of broadband and mobile services in the UK. BT also provides subscription television and IT services.

Because of the variety of services BT customers in the UK have several ways of getting in touch. This also depends on the type of enquiry.


BT Contact Information

In order to find the best method of contacting BT, we’ve prepared a guide to help you find the most suitable option for you.

Contact By Telephone

The BT contact number UK is available Mon-Fri: 8 am – 9 pm, Sat: 8 am – 9 pm and Sun: 9 am – 6 pm. Unfortunately, this service is not available during bank holidays. 

The BT Broadband / BT Business / BT Sport contact number: 0843 850 2091

The BT customer services contact number features an automated system which allows you to say what your problem is or what service you require. It will then automatically put you through to the correct department allowing you to speak to someone at BT.

Contact By Email

BT does not have a public email address for customers for most of their services. They suggest that if you have a problem or question to phone them.

However they do have an email specifically for their online shop customers if they have issues:

Contact BT Online

Customers can access a range of services and FAQ’s via BT’s website by following this link and selecting the service and topic:

For extra online help, BT has a handy community support centre where you will find FAQ’s and can even post your own questions.

Furthermore, BT also has an active Twitter account where they will help with any BT support queries. 

What’s more, BT present a helpful YouTube channel. Here, you can find resources such as tips and walkthroughs of BT services and products.

Contact In-Store

BT has a partnership EE allowing them to offer their services and BT products in EE branches all over the UK. The dedicated in-store advisors are able to help with a range of issues by appointment. You can find the locations of all EE branches and their opening times here.

Contact By Post

Indeed, BT does have a postal address for complaints and feedback. However, they so suggest that customers call BT’s contact number UK for any serious issues or complaints.

Customers can write to:

BT Correspondence Centre,

Providence Row


DH98 1BT



Other ways to contact BT

Sometimes, it is necessary to register a complaint with BT or deliver feedback – that’s whether good or bad! And here is how you can do that.

Making a complaint

BT takes complaints seriously and reviews every complaint they receive in-depth. As such, there are a number of ways customers can make their voices heard.

They suggest that if you are able to you should call them on this BT contact number and state that you wish to make a complaint: 0843 850 2091

If you wish to read more about how BT handles complaints, you can read their policy here.

Customers may also contact BT to complain via there postal address:

BT Correspondence Centre

Providence Row


DH98 1BT

Do note that BT states that you include the following information when logging a complaint:

  • phone number
  • email address
  • BT account number

BT aim to reply to complaints within 28 days.

To complain specifically about BT Sport, you can fill out an online form here.



Providing Feedback to BT

BT has a very useful online community forum which allows customers to provide feedback and make suggestions for improvement.

Just as with making a complaint, you can provide feedback by calling the contact number for BT. Thereupon, you simply state that you wish to provide feedback.

Customers are also able to provide feedback via an online form. Although, BT cannot reply to comments here.

BT Mobile Contact Number

If you are a BT Mobile customer, you have access to a separate BT contact number. Help is available here at the following times:

  • Mon-Fri: 8 am – 9 pm
  • Sat: 8 am – 9 pm
  • Sun: 9 am – 6 pm

You call this service on 0800 800 150. Alternatively, you can dial 150 from your BT mobile.

What is the cheapest BT Broadband?

BT offers a number of different broadband packages that include calls and a variety of TV packages. You can compare all of them and see which are the best options for your area here

Alternatively, you can discuss plans with a customers service advisor via this BT Broadband contact number: 0800 800 150

BT Fault Contact Number

BT has a dedicated repair team that is able to help customers with technical problems across all their products and services. They are available on the number 0843 850 2091 at the following times:

  • Mon-Fri: 8 am – 9 pm
  • Sat: 8 am – 9 pm
  • Sun: 9 am – 6 pm

How do I get a BT email address?

When you take a broadband package with BT, you will receive a free BT email. Once you have your broadband, you can set up a BT email address yourself by visiting this link.

How to Cancel BT Broadband, Phone or Sport Plan

You can cancel your BT package over the phone and should have their account number ready. Customers can call to cancel on the number 0843 850 2091.  This service is available at the following times:

  • Mon-Fri: 8 am – 9 pm
  • Sat: 8 am – 9 pm
  • Sun: 9 am – 6 pm 

If you simply want to change your package by removing or adding services, you can do this online. Simply follow this link and select the services you want to adjust.

What to do if your BT phone line isn’t working

If you are having problems with your BT landline there are a number of resources to help diagnose the problem. In fact, in many cases, you are able to solve the problem without the need for an engineer.

To get you started, here is a helpful video from BT  which will hopefully fix the problem.

BT also has an online troubleshooter for you to follow when having a problem with your landline or broadband. You can access this here.

If the troubleshooting does not work and you’re still having problems, you can book an engineer. Follow the advice here to make an appointment.

BT Broadband Connection Problems

If you are having problems connecting to your broadband there are some things you can do at home to try and resolve it. Try this first – it may save time trying these first before calling BT.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Check your service status
  • Make a call on your landline
  • Restart your BT Hub
  • Check the lights on your Hub
  • Power cycle your Openreach modem (fibre customers)
  • Try your test socket

You can find further and more detailed instructions here.

If you want to improve your Wi-Fi, you can follow the advice in this video:


If, after exhausting all troubleshooting options there is still a problem, you can book an engineer. You can use the troubleshooting portal to schedule a visit from an engineer

BT Business Help and Support

If you are a BT Business customer, you can call the BT Business contact number found at the top of this page.

For BT Business customers there is a separate help centre with more options. You can track a fault, check service status in an area and track orders. There is even a live chat option at the bottom of the page, just be sure to select the service you need help with from the drop-down menu.

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