British Embassy Contact Number

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Call 0843 850 2090

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British Embassy Contact Number

0843 850 2090

This ministerial department is also known as The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, The Foreign Office, The British Consulate, The London British Embassy, and The UK Embassy. The British Embassy contact number is 0843 850 2090.

Contacting The British Embassy

British Embassy Contact NumberThere are multiple ways to get in contact with the Embassy.

By Telephone

You can contact the British Embassy by phone 24/7 for help or advice from anywhere in the world on 0843 850 2090.

For the general enquiries switchboard: 0843 850 2090

For legalisation and apostille services: 037 0000 2244 (12:00 – 16:00 Monday to Friday)

British citizens outside of the UK needing assistance can contact the nearest Embassy, High Commission or Consulate. Find your nearest one along with their phone number here –

In addition, there are other ways of contacting the British Embassy:

By Email

The UK embassy has different email addresses depending on your enquiry.

  • General enquiries:
  • Legalisation and apostille services:
  • Media enquiries:

By Letter

You can write to the Embassy at the addresses below:
(If possible, they request using email as they can respond in a quicker time frame).

For general enquiries:

King Charles Street
United Kingdom

For legalisation and apostle services:

Foreign & Commonwealth Office
PO Box 6255
Milton Keynes
MK10 1XX
United Kingdom

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

British Embassy contact number & information

The Embassy is not often busy, so you should be able to speak to someone shortly after connecting. When you ring, you will hear two quick options before being connected to a representative. However, because of the nature of the Office’s duties, a lot of people will be calling during times where there is an increase in British citizens abroad needing assistance, for example, this could be caused by a natural disaster or civil unrest for example.

If this is applicable, and you need to speak to someone urgently, Then call the contact number: 0843 850 2090

Preparing to call

As the Embassy is responsible for supporting citizens and businesses around the globe, it’s likely that you’ll be seeking information or in addition advice related to travel.

Therefore, you should have your relevant documents and details with you and ready e.g. passport, visa, flight details, address, and any other information related to your stay or enquiry.

Getting through to the right department

When you call the contact number, you will hear two quick options before being connected to a representative. The first option is for advice on overseas travel, and the second is for emergencies for a British citizen abroad. You can navigate to either by using 1 or 2 on your telephone keypad. If you wish to be directed to a certain department or ask a question, keep holding and you will be speaking to someone shortly.

Making a Complaint or Providing Feedback
If you wish to provide feedback or likewise are not satisfied with the service provided and want to make an official complaint, please send details either by email to

or in writing to:

Customer Interaction Team
Consular Directorate
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
King Charles Street
London SW1A 2AH

Other Information about The British Embassy

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), commonly referred to as the Foreign Office, was created in 1968 after combining the Foreign Office and Commonwealth Office. It is a department of the Government of the United Kingdom and is responsible for protecting and promoting British interests overseas, as well as supporting citizens and businesses worldwide.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has a global network of consulates and embassies, employing over 14,000 people in close to 270 diplomatic offices. They work with international organisations to promote British interests and global security, including NATO, the EU, the UN, the UN Security Council in addition to the Commonwealth.

Notable responsibilities include:

– Safeguarding the UK’s national security by countering terrorism and weapons proliferation as well as working to reduce conflict.

– Building the UK’s prosperity by increasing exports and investment, opening markets, ensuring access to resources and furthermore promoting sustainable global growth.

– Supporting British nationals around the world through modern and efficient consular services.

This video below provides a simplified explanation of what the Foreign Office does:

Who do I contact about UK Passports?

The British Embassy also provides help for those seeking to apply for or renew a passport while abroad.

The Embassy in London doesn’t deal with passport enquiries from inside the UK so for passport enquiries within the UK call the British Embassy contact number: 0843 850 2090

Who do I contact about UK Visas?

If you need to apply for a UK visa, for example, check the status or track an existing application, or report an immigration crime, you can contact UK Visa and Immigration Services (UKVI) by calling their general enquiries phone number +44 1243 213 322.

If you have not yet applied for a British visa you can call this phone number for more information about the requirements you must meet in order to be granted a visa. Similarly, you can call the UKVI to check if you require a visa. This is important if you want to come to the UK for work or to study.

You can also call for help if you are having trouble or technical difficulties when filling out your visa application online. They will help with payment queries and technical support regarding their online platform for example. Be sure to have the relevant information available to help them locate your application as quickly as possible, such as your application number and email.

Issues with Visa applications

If you experience any problems regarding your application once it has been submitted, or if you need to manage your visa once it has been granted you can also call Visa and Immigration Services. For example, you can call to cancel your visa, report a change in circumstances, make an appeal against a visa or immigration decision, request a reconsideration of your application.

If you have been unable to find information that you are looking for or you have a general enquiry about UK Visas and Immigration’s application process, you can contact UK Visa and Immigration Services (UKVI) using the details below:

The UKVI phone line is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm.

UK Visa contact number: +44 1243 213 322 (UK)

27-21-3001926 (Africa region – South Africa)


The Home Office is responsible for controlling the UK border, immigration, passports, visas and all applications. You can contact the Home Office via the following number which takes you to the government’s switchboard. From here you will need to follow the instructions to reach the department you wish to speak to.

UK Home Office contact number: 020 7035 4848

What other help can be provided?

The priority of the Embassy and Foreign Office is to provide assistance to those nationals overseas that need help the most. The level and type of assistance offered is tailored to the individual circumstances of each case. Nationals should use the contact number to get in touch. Most importantly the staff will make an assessment of your vulnerability and the needs you have, based on who you are, where you are, and furthermore your situation. They will then aim to offer assistance which helps meet your needs, such as:

– Provide advice and help if you have suffered rape and sexual or physical assault, are a victim of other crimes, are ill or on the other hand are in hospital.

– Provide timely, accurate, local information so that you can help yourself effectively. This might include details of local lawyers, interpreters, doctors or funeral directors and furthermore issue emergency travel documents needed for returning from abroad to the UK.

– Provide information about transferring money through commercial providers.

– Provide details of other organisations that may be able to provide specialist support.

– Contact family or friends for you if you cannot do this yourself.

Further embassy guidance

– Work alongside the local authorities, travel industry, insurance companies and others to provide rapid and effective support. Usually in the aftermath of major incidents affecting a large number of British nationals.

– Provide documentary services such as consular birth or death registration, help with marriage or civil partnership documents, or providing notarial services.

The guidance also provides detailed travel advice for citizens. This guide highlights some of the ways you can help yourself stay safe abroad and what help the FCO provides:

If you require further travel advice or want more information on anything that can be done to help, you can use the contact number 0843 850 2090 anytime.

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