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Barclays Business Number | 0843 850 2245

Barclays Business Contact Telephone Number

The best way to contact Barclays is with the Barclays Business number – 0843 850 2245. But, before you contact customer services, you can acquaint yourself with some useful information about the company.

Barclays is a British multinational investment bank and financial services company. They have headquarters in London. The company offers a range of business accounts for businesses of all sizes. Furthermore, these come with different perks which allow customers to better manage their business.

In addition to investment banking, Barclays is organised into four core businesses: 

  • personal banking
  • corporate banking
  • wealth management
  • investment management


Barclays Business Contact Information

Barclays Business customers in the UK have several ways of getting in touch. This depends on the type of enquiry and type of customer.

Contact by Telephone

The Barclays Business number is 0843 850 2245.

You should note that the Barclays Business number is available at the following times for existing customers:

  • Mon – Fri: 8 am – 9 pm
  • Sat and Sun: 8 am – 6 pm

On the other hand, new customers can only contact Barclays during weekdays (Mon – Fri: 9 am – 5 pm). Lines are closed for new customers on weekends.

Unfortunately, this service is not available during bank holidays. 

When you call the Barclays Business customer services contact number, an automated system enables you to state your problem or specify what service you require. Next, you are transferred automatically to the correct department. Now, you can speak to someone at Barclays Business.

By calling this number you are able to access a range of services and departments including: 

  • business accounts, savings and borrowing
  • commercial mortgages
  • business insurance
  • business payments
  • online banking
  • mobile banking

Barclays Online

You can access a range of services via the Barclays website. For example, online banking and business payments. Additionally, Barclays Business has a useful help centre where you will find a range of frequently asked questions.

Furthermore, Barclays has a friendly Twitter page where they can help with any queries 24/7. On the other hand, they have a Twitter account dedicated to providing customers with insights and bright business ideas. Do remember not to tweet any personal, account, financial or login information. Barclays will never ask you for this type of information on Twitter. 

Barclays Business also has an automated Facebook Messenger account that you can use to ask questions. You’ll receive a response or details of the relevant contact information.

If you are concerned about a Barclays service outage you can check online for service status updates. If their services aren’t working as they should, the webpage will inform you of the situation (planned or otherwise). 

And finally, Barclays has a Youtube channel. Here, they share videos that highlight useful features of their app and online banking. Furthermore, they provide other useful information such as tips about being sensible with money.


Contact by Email

Barclays Business does not have a public email address for customers. Instead, they advise that you phone them for advice or with a problem. 

Contact in-store

Barclays has branches all over the UK. Their dedicated in-store advisors are able to help you with a range of issues. Please note, there are no separate Barclays Business Branches. 

The majority of Barclays branches are open 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. You can find the locations of all Barclays’s branches and their specific opening times on their website.

Contact by Post

Neither Barclays Bank nor Barclays Business has a public postal address for customers to contact them at.

Barclays-Business-Number-0843 850 2245

Other ways to contact Barclays Business 

If you want to make a complaint or provide feedback, here is how.

Making a complaint to Barclays

Barclays welcomes and takes complaints seriously. They consider that your complaint gives them the opportunity to investigate and improve their services for everybody.

Therefore, they suggest that you call them on the Barclays Business number. Once on the line, you can state that you wish to make a complaint: 0843 850 2245

Barclays Business does not have a separate complaints system from Barclays Bank. When making the complaint you will have the opportunity to let them know the nature of your complaint. 

If you’re registered for Online Banking, you can start a web chat or send Barclays a secure message with details of your complaint. Log into your account before you tell them about your complaint. This means they’ll have access to your account details and it’s quicker and easier for them to help you. 

When making a complaint it will help Barclays respond as quickly as possible if you provide the following information:

  • A description of your concern
  • What you would like Barclays to do to put things right
  • Your name and address
  • A phone number and the best time to contact you
  • Any relevant customer numbers and references

Additionally, you are able to make a complaint by speaking to a customer advisor in-store.


Providing Feedback to Barclays Business

Just as with making a complaint, you may provide feedback by calling the contact number for Barclays Business. Once your call is answered, simply state that you wish to provide feedback.

You are also able to provide feedback and even make suggestions via this online form.

Alternatively, you can provide feedback or share your ideas on their Facebook page.

How to open a Barclays Business account

To set up a Barclays Business account you can call the Barclays Business phone number. The friendly team will walk you through the process: 0843 850 2245

You will still need to go through an online application. This requires you to submit personal information and details about your new business.

Furthermore, this page features helpful guidance for personal banking customers. You will find all kinds of valuable information about running a business. For example; price plans, important information, and supportive articles about managing your account.

How do I apply for a Barclays Business loan?

If you don’t have access to online banking, then call the Barclays Business contact number to check your eligibility. Then, you can apply or a Barclays Business loan: 0843 850 2245

If you do have Barclays Business online banking, then you can do everything online. On their website, you will find different rates, a helpful loan calculator, information on how to apply and how to check eligibility.

Can I call Barclays to transfer money?

Indeed you can, if you have already registered for telephone banking. You can call the Barclays Business customer services number to transfer money between your accounts.

Alternatively, you can do this simply by using online banking or the Barclays app.

How do I register for online banking with Barclays Business?

You can register for online banking by clicking on this link and following the registration process.

Contacting Barclays about fraud

If you think you’ve been a victim of fraud, Barclays requests that you contact them straight away. You can call via the Barclays fraud contact number found on the fraud webpage. This page also provides useful information online about how to spot fraud and tips on keeping your finances safe.

Barclays Business account charges

Barclays Business has a wide variety of different tariffs and plans with varying levels of charges and interest. You are recommended to call the Barclays Business Banking contact number. Alternatively, visit the Barclays website to see a breakdown of rates and charges by plans and tariffs.

Does Barclays Business have an app?

Barclays has one app that can be used for business and non-business purposes. 

If there are multiple people that manage your Barclays Business Account, you will all need to sign a Mobile Banking Waiver form. This enables you all to carry out transactions in your individual apps. 

Alhough, if you are the only person managing the Barclays Business account then you can register it on the app.

Find more information on the app and how to download it and register on their website.

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