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Audi Financial Services Contact Telephone Number

Audi Financial Services operate the purchase, lease and hire products for the Audi brand.

Primarily, Audi is known for making high-quality motor vehicles with advanced design. In fact, the German carmaker is famous for its well built, reliable and stylish cars. The Audi slogan is ‘Vorsprung Durch Technik’ which translates to ‘advancement through technology’.

Audi financial service customers in the UK have several ways of getting in touch. This depends on the type of enquiry.

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Audi Financial Services contact information

Contact by telephone

The Audi Financial Services telephone number is available Monday to Friday 8 am – 8 pm and Saturday at 9 am – 5 pm. Unfortunatley, this service is not available during bank holidays. The number to call is 0843 850 2275.

The Audi customer service number offers two options. Firstly, there’s an option for PCP, Hire Purchase and service plans. Secondly, there’s an option for contract hire and contract lease hire.

By calling the contact telephone number, customers will be able to change their details, check statements and see how much they have paid. Also, they can discuss direct debits and arrange for vehicle returns.

Use this number to call Audi financial services and, if you wish, pay by phone to settle any overdue payments.

Contact by Email

Customers can send emails to;

Contact by post

For customers looking for the Audi Financial Services settlement and pay off address, they can write to;

Audi Financial Services, Brunswick Court, Yeomans Drive, Blakelands, Milton Keynes, MK14 5LR

Audi finance online

Audi finance is online at The wesbite contains information about finance agreements and customer accounts.

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Insure with Audi

As part of the Audi financial services range of products, Audi insurance has a dedicated telephone contact number 0333 043 3780, alternatively, you can visit

Customers who insure with Audi will find first-class car insurance. Often, this includes courtesy cars, 24-hour accident recovery, electric car battery cover. In addition, there is also windscreen cover, personal accident, child seat replacement and personal belongings cover.

For anyone driving an Audi vehicle, Ensurance works alongside existing insurance policies. Therefore, if a vehicle has been stolen or damaged, Audi will repair it. With Audi Ensurance, only Audi approved technicians will repair the vehicle. Also, they will only use Audi approved parts which come with a 2-year guarantee.

In the event of an accident, customers can call the usual insure number 0333 043 3780. Likewise, customers can download the Ensure app and report any incident 24 hours a day.

What is VWFS?

Audi is one of several car brands owned by Volkswagen. Customers using websites and apps associated with Audi will often find the VW prefix. In addition, there will be options to choose Audi and gain access to the relevant information.

Other ways to contact Audi Financial Services

Making a complaint

As a company, Audi prides itself on best-in-class motor vehicles. It also follows the new car code of practice and the service and repair code. Audi finance has a freephone contact telephone number for any complaints. This is 0800 912 3564. However, you can email them at

Audi will replay within 5 working days of a complaint being made. Also, it will inform you of the investigation’s progress. The complaints department aims to resolve issues quickly. If not, and the issue is  unresolved within 8 weeks, Audi will proceed with a holding letter.

Audi claims to offer an open, transparent and fair way of doing business. It will complete work as agreed, with open and clear pricing, including invoices that match quoted prices.

The motor ombudsman offers free advice for Audi customers unhappy with the outcome of a dispute. The motor ombudsman is contactable on 0345 241 3008.

Information about Audi financial services UK

Purchasing an Audi

Audi offers different ways to buy its vehicles. They have a range of finance products to appeal to different customers.

Personal Contract Plan
Once a vehicle has been chosen, the customer will need to decide how much deposit to pay. Monthly repayments will depend on the agreed annual mileage, the repayment period and the optional final payment amount.

Hire Purchase
Here, you pay an initial deposit and choose a repayment period. When all payments have been made, you will own the vehicle.

Lease Purchase
Here, you make a down payment, agree a repayment period and decide the total annual mileage. Additionally, you’ll agree a final ‘balloon’ payment. This is an amount left until the end of the contract. At th end, you can part exchange and make the final payment.

Hiring an Audi

Besides buying, Audi lets customers hire vehicles and there are various ways to finance this. Remember, with hiring, you will not own the vehicle at the end of the contract. This option is usually more suited to businesses.

Contract Hire

With contract hire, you choose a vehicle and pay a deposit. Thereafter, you’ll make monthly repayments. The amount depends upon the payment period, the annual mileage and the servicing options.

Finance Lease – Full Payout
With finance lease, an initial payment is made and a repayment period agreed. Also, you will agree the total annual mileage. At the end, you can sell the vehicle and keep some of the proceeds. Alternatively, you can enter a second rental period.

Finance Lease Balloon
Here, you make the first payment and agree the annual mileage, final balloon repayment and the repayment period. At the end, you can sell the vehicle and keep some of the sales proceeds. On the other hand, you can settle the balloon repayment and begin a new annual rental.

How do I end my Audi finance?

There are many reasons why you might need to cancel a finance agreement. To get help and advice about ending your car finance agreement, contact Audi Financial services on 0843 850 2275. Here, someone will discuss your options. 

When calling, explain the situation carefully. Remember, the consumer credit Act 1974 gives you with the right to Voluntarily Terminate (VT) your Audi finance agreement.

Commonly asked questions about financial agreements

What is a Voluntary Termination?

Unfortunately, some customers may have financial problems and may be unable to continue paying. A VT allows them to end their agreement. However, they will have to meet the following conditions: 

  • Pay at least 50% of the total amount. This includes interest and fees.
  • Make sure the vehicle has no major damage besides wear and tear.   

Does cancelling car finance affect credit rating?

Voluntarily ending a finance agreement will not affect your credit rating. The credit record will display a cancellation and other finance companies can see this. However, this should not affect any finance applications. Nevertheless, the company you had the cancelled agreement with may refuse future applications. 

Can I give my Audi back?

Certainly, for both Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) and Hire Purchase (HP), customers can give their Audi back. However, 50% of the agreed payment have to be repaid and there must be no major damage to the vehicle. 

Customers with financial difficulties

Understandibly, Audi wants to help customers with financial problems. If needed, you can call Audi finance to discuss delaying payments. Most importantly, any deferral is subject to checks made by Audi.

End of agreement options

Audi finance offers several end of agreement options for its customers. These are:

  • Personal Contract Plan – Part-exchange, keep the vehicle or return the vehicle.
  • Hire Purchase – Keep the vehicle or use it for part-exchange.
  • Lease Purchase – Keep the vehicle, part exchange or refinance the balloon repayment.

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The Audi finance online portal

If you wish, you can manage your Audi finance agreements online. In short, you’ll find the online portal an easy way to manage your agreement and make changes.

To register, enter the following details:

  • First name and surname
  • Date of birth
  • Vehicle registration number
  • The last 4 digits of their 8 digit bank account number

When registered, you can see your finance agreements. Also, you can review contracts, vehicle details and access statements.


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