ABTA Contact Phone Number

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ABTA Contact Phone Number

0843 850 2181ABTA Customer Service Contact Number

Looking for the ABTA contact phone number or advice on how to contact customer support? Perhaps you need general guidance on what the ABTA offers? Then you’ve come to the right place.

What is ABTA?

ABTA stands for the Association of British Travel Agents. They are the UK’s largest association of travel agents and tour operators. Essentially, ABTA provides guidance and protection in the event of a cancelled, mis-sold, or unsatisfactory package holiday.

ABTA’s scheme provides insurance for holidaymakers in the event a travel company experiences financial problems. Additionally, ABTA enforces a strict code of conduct among its members. So, if you book with an ABTA Member you can expect financial security and top-quality service.

Protection only applies to package holidays which include travel via ferry, rail and road. ABTA does not protect bookings with airlines.

Why book with an ABTA Member?

How to contact ABTA

If you want to contact ABTA, you have the options to do so by telephone, email or post.

ABTA contact phone number

The general ABTA contact phone number is 0843 850 2181. You may call this number to seek general advice or guidance before registering a complaint with ABTA. At present, customer services are experiencing a high volume of callers. Therefore, you should prepare yourself for a long wait time.

If you need to discuss a complaint you have lodged previously with ABTA, call 020 3117 0599. You must have a complaint reference number before calling this number.

If you are a member of ATOL then you can contact 020 8649 7233. Please note, this number is not for consumers seeking travel advice or claims.

ABTA Lines are open 09:00-17:30 Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays. Standard rates apply if your tariff does not include calls to landlines. Typical rates for calls are 7p per minute, you’re your phone companies access charge. If you are calling from a mobile, the cost may be higher and depend on your own phone company.

When you call the ABTA contact phone number, a recorded message instructs you of your options. If you are calling about a travel company who has ceased trading, dial 9. Hold the line to speak to an advisor.

ABTA contact email address

The customer services contact email for ABTA is cs@abta.co.uk.

Only ABTA Members may contact the team at membersupport@abta.co.uk.

ABTA does not provide a live chat service on their website at present.

Contact ABTA by post

You can write to ABTA at their headquarters:

ABTA Ltd, 30 Park Street, London, SE1 9EQ

Offices are closed at present whilst staff work remotely. Therefore, you won’t receive an immediate response to enquiries by post.

Other ways to connect with ABTA

ABTA has a social media presence which you may consult for information only. Do note that ATBA are unable to respond to customers’ queries via social networks.

Facebook: ABTA Love Travel

Twitter: @ABTAtravel

Instagram: abtalovetravel

LinkedIn: abta—the-travel-association

Pinterest: abtalovetravel

YouTube: ABTAtravel

What does ABTA do?

ABTA enforces certain standards and provides support for holidaymakers in the event a travel company faces financial problems. It’s a voluntary arbitration scheme; firms have the option to sign up as a member. ABTA has over 1,200 members at present. In fact, ABTA members sell around 90% of British package holidays per year.

If you book a package holiday with a provider who is not an ABTA member then ABTA cannot support you. In this instance, you can contact Citizens Advice.

You may only contact ABTA for support providing you have booked with an ABTA Member. Your booking confirmation will provide details of the company’s unique five-digit ABTA membership number. It’s a single letter followed by four digits. For example, the Flight Guru Ltd is Y6355.

If an agency or operator uses the ABTA protected logo then, usually, they are an approved member. However, some brands adopt the logo without being a member. Before you book a holiday with a company who advertises the logo, you should double check with the ABTA website.

Travel concerns

If you have a travel concern, you should determine whether your tour agent or operator is a member of ABTA. Find out here if your provider is an ABTA Member. If the company you booked with fails, you will either be able to continue your holiday or get your money back. Only package holidays sold in the European Economic Area (EEA) by ABTA Members are financially protected.

Finally, ABTA also provides expert travel advice to holidaymakers. Their website offers a wealth of resources which are helpful when planning your next holiday.

Why you should book with a ABTA Member:

What can ABTA do for me?

In short, ABTA helps you pursue a refund if your package holiday is cancelled, mis-sold, or unsatisfactory.

How do I complain to ABTA?

Before you issue a complaint ABTA about an ABTA Member, you must first contact your holiday provider. As an arbitration scheme, then ABTA is in a position to provide support only as a secondary option.

Following your initial complaint, you must then wait 28 days for a response. If 28 days lapse with no reply, you may proceed with your appeal to ABTA.

You can only complain to ABTA using their website. The ABTA contact phone number should only be used for guidance or to discuss a claim that has been submitted.

Before you register a complaint online, you should gather the following documentation:

  1. Evidence of correspondence with the company you wish to complain about. This may be in the form of a postal letter or email.
  2. Copies of any responses.
  3. A copy of the ATOL Certificate provided at booking (if applicable).
  4. Booking confirmation invoice.

If you have liaised with the company over the phone you must provide details of the conversations.

FAQs about ABTA

We have addressed some of the other frequently asked questions about ABTA.

What is the difference between ATOL and ABTA?

Many travel companies advertise that their holidays are ABTA or ATOL (Air Travel Organiser’s Licence) protected.

ATOL is a government scheme run by the Civil Aviation Authority. Every UK travel-based company that sells overseas holidays and flights must hold a license. Unlike ABTA, ATOL covers package holidays using air travel. That includes domestic and overseas flights.

On the other hand, ABTA covers package holidays which include travel via ferry, rail and road. Plus, you are only covered if your operator or agent is an ABTA Member.

ABTA also provides advice for those seeking compensation in light of a mis-sold holiday. On their website you can find resources on how to complain directly to your holiday agency or operator.

Travel firms can sell both ABTA and ATOL protected holidays.

How long does a travel company have to respond to a complaint?

Travel companies who are ABTA Members should acknowledge the receipt of correspondence within 14 days. Under usual circumstances, a detailed response should be provided within 28 days of receipt.

How long do ABTA claims take?

It may take up to 50 days before you get a response. A refund may be granted after 50 days. If that is not the case, you will proceed to Stage 2. Stage 2 is processed independently to ABTA and ABTA have no influence on the timeframe.

What does ABTA’s consumer financial protection scheme cover?

The scheme provides protection for non-flight based package holidays and monies paid to travel agents. Holidays that are fewer than 24 hours may not be protected. Additionally, holidays that include flights are not covered.

ABTA ensures that all Members protect their package holidays as required by the law. Meanwhile, ATOL protects packages that include a flight. This protection means that if an operator goes out of business and the holiday cannot take place, you are entitled to a refund. If you’re already overseas, they will cover your flight home.

Imagine your ABTA travel agent goes out of business before sending the money you paid to the tour operator? In that case, ABTA will make the payment on your behalf.

Remember; if you book your holiday from outside the EEA, this protection usually doesn’t apply. However, in some cases the ABTA Member may opt to voluntarily protect your holiday with ABTA. You must enquire with your travel company to find out whether your holiday is protected.

Does ABTA provide regular travel insurance?

ABTA does not provide travel insurance for holidays. You must buy this separately from a reputable travel agency. Only a travel insurance provider can cover flight delays, medical emergencies and theft, etc.

Find out more about what ABTA say about travel insurance:

Current issues with contacting ABTA

The ABTA contact phone number is currently receiving a high volume of calls due to the pandemic. The headquarters are closed whilst staff work from home. Therefore, we recommend consulting the ABTA FAQs in the first instance.