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Halifax Lost Phone | Call: 0872 435 6246 |Contact Number

Halifax Lost Phone

Halifax Lost PhoneHalifax Lost Phone | 0872 435 6246

Ultimate Reward Current Account

The Hailax Ultimate Renewal current. Is much more than just a current account.

You will get travel insurance by FirstAssist Insurance Services. Plus AA Breakdown Cover.

You will also mobile phone cover.

Call the Halifax lost phone team. For more information about their mobile phone cover.

The direct Halifax lost phone number is 0872 435 6246.

There is more information. About the Ultimate Reward current account. On the Halifax website

If you prefer give them a call. On the Halifax number 0872 435 6246.

Additional Information

You will also get home emergency cover. Plus card protection.

When you get the Ultimate Reward current account.

For more information. About this account. Call the Halifax lost phone number 0872 435 6246.

You can also personalise your card. Plus earn cash back on offers.

When you use your debit card. The cash back offer is only available. To Halifax online banking customers.

Phone the Halifax lost phone number. If you have lost your phone.

The direct number is 0872 435 6246. They will be able to help you.

Mobile Phone Insurance

You can get phone insurance. To cover 1 phone per account holder. You can get cover for 2 phones max. If you have a joint account.

If you need help. Adding another phone to your joint account. Give them a call.

The phone cover also includes repairs or a replacement phone. Up to the original cost. Or up to £2000 per claim

Their mobile phone insurance will also. Cover the loss, theft or accidental damage. Of the phone. Or breakdown or any water damage.

For more information about the cover offered. Call this number 0872 435 6246.

Registering your Mobile Phone Online

You should register your phone details. By giving them a call.

If you register your phone details. You will able to manage your phone insurance online.

Or you can register your mobile phone. By signing into your Halifax online account.

If you do not have an online banking account yet. Then you can’t manage. Your mobile phone insurance online.

You can register for free here https://www.halifax-online.co.uk/personal/a/registration/onlinepersonalregistration.jsp.

If you need help registering. Or logging in to your Halifax online banking account. Give them a call on 0872 435 6246.

Online Banking

You can sign into your online banking account here https://www.halifax-online.co.uk/personal/logon/login.jsp.

Once you log in. You can manage your Ultimate Reward Current Account.

Select the account benefits tab. If you want to see your account benefits.

If you already registered your mobile phone insurance details. Then your policy information will be loaded automatically.

You can reach Halifax. By calling them on 0872 435 6246. Give them a call. If you want to chat to someone. About their online banking service.


If your phone is lost or stolen. You should notify the police. And your network provider. As soon you can.

The Halifax claims phone number is 0872 435 6246.

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