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Contacting Child Tax Credit Customer Service

ctc1There are numerous ways for customers to contact HMRC about Child Tax Credit.

By telephone

You can contact HMRC by telephone from 8am to 8pm, Mon to Fri and from 8am-4pm, Sat.

To contact, you should call the tax credit helpline on: 0843 850 2478.

How the HMRC works

Issues when calling HMRC about Child Tax Credits

HMRC receive thousands of calls a day and at times the line can be very busy. HMRC have indicated that the least busy times to call are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8.30 to 10.30 in the morning and from  2.00 to 4.00 in the afternoon. If you call at these times you are less likely to be put into a queue, or if you are, the wait will more likely be much shorter.

Getting through to the right department

When calling HMRC to inquire about Child Tax Credit you will be answered by an automated system which will ask you a series of questions. Instead of using your phone’s keypad to input the answers, the HMRC system uses voice recognition software that will understand the words you say to it and can then channel you through to the right desk.

Be prepared

When answering the automated questions you may be required to speak information which has been supplied on letters you have been sent – such as reference numbers. You may need to speak these numbers to get put through to the right person. When making the call, make sure you have these numbers with you so that your call time and expense is reduced and to make sure the call gets through to the right department.

Listen carefully to the instructions and speak as clearly as you can. The automated speech recognition software will let you know if it does not understand what you are saying and if you cannot be understood after several attempts it may put you through to a human advisor who can understand better.


By HM Revenue and Customs {cc by SA2.0}

By HM Revenue and Customs {cc by SA2.0}


Speaking to HMRC Child Tax Credits

It is advised that when you contact HMRC about Child Tax Credits that you keep records of any telephone or face to face meeting with their staff. Log the date and time of the conversation together with the name of the member of staff and details of the content of the conversation – including any agreed actions that were to be taken. When you next contact them, use this information to help.

You should also have to hand all the written communication between you and HMRC for reference when speaking to them, including any letters and tax credit forms. HMRC also advise that if you write to them that you send the letter by signed for recorded delivery so that there is proof they have received it.

What you can call HMRC for when inquiring about Child Tax Credits

When you call HMRC you will be able to do the following: obtain a new claim form; renew your existing claim; make enquiries about an existing claim; make inquiries about payments and overpayments;  inform HMRS about any change to your personal circumstances that might affect your entitlement; make a complaint about Child Tax Credits or the HMRC

How to complain to HMRC about Child Tax Credits

You can make a complaint to HMRC about Child Tax Credit by telephone. When you make the complaint, take the name of the person you are talking to. Explain what your complaint is and how you want it to be resolved. If you are not happy with their response ask to speak to their manager.

Always remember to keep calm when making a complaint. The HMRC staff is only doing their job and if you become angry it will not help your case. If you are abusive, it may get you into trouble with the police. Calls are recorded.

If telephoning does not resolve your problem, the next stage is to put the matter in writing to: Complaints Team, Tax Credit Office, Preston, PR1 4AT.

You will receive written confirmation that your complaint has been received and the name and telephone number of the person dealing with your complaint.



HMRC Head Office, London


Further Information about Child Tax Credit

If you are responsible for one or more children or young people you may be eligible to claim Child Tax Credit. Furthermore, you don’t necessarily need to be working to be in receipt of the tax credit and typically child tax credits can be paid;

  • Up until the 1st September after their 16th birthday
  • For a young person over 16 but under 20 years old who is participating in full time education. They may be studying A Levels, an NVQ or Scottish Highers or an approved unpaid training course
  • If your son or daughter does not have a place on a training course or a job and they are registered with the Careers Service or Connexions and they are not claiming any type of benefit, such as income support, employment support allowance, tax credits or incapacity benefit


By HM Revenue and Customs {cc by SA2.0}

By HM Revenue and Customs {cc by SA2.0}


The amount of credit that you can claim will vary from family to family as there are a lot of different elements which make up the award. Depending on your individual circumstances you may be able to claim one or several different elements but this all depends on your financial situation. When you first submit your claim for child tax credits, they will firstly work out the maximum amount that you are entitled to, based on your circumstances and then they will factor into this your income which may reduce the final award.

To claim Child Tax Credit, you need to be over 16 and be responsible for at least one child. If you live with a partner, then both of your incomes will be added together when you submit your claim. If you have any savings, these do not affect the level of entitlement but if you are in receipt of any interest, this may impact on your award so it is important that you let the tax credits office know if you do have any savings accounts so they can check and make sure that you are awarded an accurate figure. As tax credits can be so complicated, give the team a call on 0843 850 2478 and they will answer any questions that you may have.

Controversy as the government cuts benefits for working parents


The main element of the Child Tax Credit benefit consists of the family element, paid to families who are responsible for one child or more. In addition to this, you may also be able to receive a further element, awarded for up to two children in your family. The amount that you get for each will be the same, regardless of their age. Any additional sums may be awarded if you have a disabled child and this will be paid as an extra allowance to the standard Child Tax Credit sum. Furthermore, if you have a child and they are officially registered as being blind or they are eligible for Disability Living Allowance or a Personal Independence payment, you may also be able to receive a disability element.

Calculating tax credits of any type is by no means straightforward, there are lots of ways in which the amounts are worked out so the only way that you can find out how much you are entitled to is to submit a claim. To find out more about Child Tax Credits, you can view the Gov website or your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

Renew tax credits online

The video below shows you about renewing tax credits on the HMRC website

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