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Amazon UK Contact Number | Call: 0872 435 5817 |Contact Number

Amazon UK Contact Number | 0872 435 5817


Amazon UK Contact NumberAmazon UK Contact Number | 0872 435 5817

There are lots of reasons you may be looking to get into contact with Amazon. You may wish to know how to set up an account, how to buy tings online, or need to make a return. The Amazon UK Contact Number is 0872 435 5817.

This number will connect you straight through to the Amazon UK Contact Number. Calls to the Amazon UK phone number are charged at just 10 pence per minute from a BT landline (may cost more from mobile and other networks). The number to call is 0872 435 5817.

Amazon is a really useful site. Although it’s primarily known for books, it has expanded in recent years into clothes, cosmetics, lighting, furniture… in fact, if you want to buy something, you’ll probably find a choice of ten of whatever you’re looking for on Amazon. Some things are sold by Amazon directly, and some are sold by individual sellers acting under the Amazon umbrella. Amazon operate a 1 click buying option, which means that if you have bought before with the same payment card and had it delivered to the same address, you don’t need to type the details of your card in all over again, just put in your password and you can shop even more quickly and easily. If you’re not sure how this works, or you’re concerned about safety, please contact the Amazon UK Contact Number on 0872 435 5817 to get all the details.

Lots of sellers offer second hand books via Amazon. Sometimes they offer freepost, and sometimes the book will seem to be virtually free, being priced at something like a penny, but they’ll add a big postage charge. Make sure to add up the total price to see which option is the most inexpensive for you. Delivery is usually efficient and you should get your order quite quickly, but do check which country your package is coming from. If you have any questions about this then contact the Amazon UK Contact Number on 0872 435 5817.

If you’ve inherited a lot of books, or are moving home and have a lot of things to get rid of, you may want to consider become an Amazon Seller. You don’t need to photograph individual books like you would on another auction site, but you can usually find an image online. You  do need to describe the condition accurately, and the edition, publisher, author etc. You need to pay good attention to customer services, answering any queries quickly and politely, and make sure you post out anything you’ve sold within an agreed time frame, and that it’s well protected by packaging. Please call the Amazon UK Contact Number on 0872 435 5817 and they’ll explain what you need to do.

When you are calling the Amazon UK Contact Number on 0872 435 5817 make sure you have a list of queries ready written down that you’d like to ask. Take the name of the agent you dealt with and the time and date of the call, as well as any reference number they might give you. It’s good to have the Amazon website open so that they can direct you towards useful pages or links that you need.

If you’re having a dispute with Amazon, have a complaint, or something has gone wrong, sometimes it’s quicker and easier to call them directly rather than emailing back and forth. The Amazon UK Contact Number is 0872 435 5817, so try calling to resolve your issue. Sometimes there might be a queue or you might be on hold for a while, so do be prepared to wait. The Amazon UK Contact Number on 0872 435 5817 is a useful number to have handy, because sometimes navigating websites gets complicated and you’re not sure you’ve understood things correctly. Just talking to a live human being often solves things much faster!

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