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At ContabctNumber.co.uk, we believe that every consumer has the right to pick up the telephone and speak directly to the customer service team of any organisation with whom they have a contract. If you are paying a company to provide products and services and there is an issue, you should be able to contact them by phone, easily, conveniently and affordably.


Unfortunately, too many large organisations make it deliberately difficult for their customers to telephone them. They have insufficient resources to deal with telephone customer enquiries and in order to cope with the high demand they make the process hard to achieve.

Telephone numbers are increasingly being hidden on websites and getting to see them often means having to log in, pass through a self-help section and then be guided towards forums, FAQ pages and Live Chat before being supplied with a number.

To deter the customer even more, the numbers given often incur a charge and once the call is connected the customer is frequently answered by a recorded message referring them back to the website self-help section. Only after having gone through this process will the customer be put into the system and even then there will be the need to go through several levels of options using a keypad as well as the need to key in account numbers. This is usually followed by the customer being placed in a queue before the call is answered.


As ContactNumber.co.uk, we think that the paying customer deserves better. Our mission, therefore, is to provide visitors to this website with an easy and convenient way to get hold of those increasingly hard to find customer service numbers so that you can get straight through to the company and speak directly. Although we cannot alter what these companies charge you to make a call, we will endeavour to provide the cheapest numbers we can and when we have information regarding the costs of a call, we’ll inform you of that too.

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ContactNumber.co.uk is a UK based online service and our offices are located in St Albans, Hertfordshire. Our primary aim is to provide visitors with contact phone numbers to the customer service departments of large organisations, but we also provide other information about the businesses whose numbers we supply, such as internet and email addresses, company backgrounds and advice on contacting.